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Me wondering when new users will join the site
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I actually named the tumor William
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this is how rich people make their smoothies


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why do they sit infront of a yellow wall??? do they not have any other? I like yellow but I feel like they should get a new wall at this point hehehhee


Tucker Carlson is a pedo
the current state of this subr*ddit

Fix your doggamned website, or the lizards win.

pakistan is in da bag ๐Ÿ‡

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I'm baaaack.

I have returned for now. And I guess since I've been gone, I have accumulated almost 11k coins. I feel like Thanos.

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190 - a proper introduction, site mechanics, and rules

Hello again Cringetopian brothers. This launch was a pretty sudden thing, and I didn't have time to put together a proper introduction to how this place works and what all you can do here, and there has also been a lot of confusion about what rules there are, if any. And a lot of asking about basic features, and about those rules. So let's take care of the biggest concern first, and work our way down:


  1. Don't post anything illegal under US law. Really common sense here. We're hosted in Burgerstan, we must abide by their laws or federal moderators will ban us IRL. Not cute. Let's compare and contrast some statements:
  • โœ”I hope Senator Smith dies of AIDS. - This is acceptable, though tasteless. You are wishing something would happen to someone, and it doesn't require a person to commit a crime to make it so.
  • โŒI want to rape Senator Smith and give him AIDS. - This is bad. You are strongly suggesting a federal crime. We, personally, do not care about this. But this is how feds get involved, because there are incredibly robust laws against it. This is a cringe website, for sharing cringe. Go express your violent wants somewhere else.
  • โœ”KiII yourself f4ggot - This is, again, quite tasteless. But altogether acceptable under US law. It is fine to post, though a bit silly.
  • โŒI'm going to kill you/kill f4ggots - And this is a crime. Do not threaten people. We are powerless to protect you from law enforcement if you commit what are legally considered crimes via words. We will remove this stuff because we are legally required to.
  1. Don't sexualize minors. - I don't care what your stance on lolicon or what the fuck ever is. I don't care that Dora the Explorer is a purely fictional character. I don't care that some girl is 16 in real life and 16 is legal in Canada. Chomos get the woodchipper, and besides that, the grey area between legally actionable vs. not is too fine for us to play around with anyway.

  2. Don't doxx anyone. - This means don't post other users' real names and shit. You know what doxxing is. This includes non-users' phone numbers and addresses.

  • You do NOT have to censor screenshots. Real names visible on social media profiles are PERFECTLY FINE. Linking to Reddit threads and shit is PERFECTLY FINE. Brigading is WELCOME and ENCOURAGED should you so choose.
  1. No boring agendaposting. - You don't like black people or LGBTQIABCDEF people or whatever? That's fine! You can even express that here! But this is not a website to document idpol or culture wars or whatever. If all you're doing is posting threads like "monkeys riot in Minneapolis, SUPER CRINGE" it's going to be removed because it's utterly pointless.

That's it. That's all. Those are the rules. Don't sexualize children, don't commit federal crimes, and don't be a tedious dullard. This isn't Reddit, though, and none of us actually like to moderate and would prefer not to have to. These are not hard-and-fast rules and exceptions will be made all the time if a post is good enough. No gay rules lawyering or 50 page TOS to argue about the exact wording of. Just post good stuff and not illegal stuff. Really, it's not difficult.


And now onto less miserable things.

Slur Replacer - We have a built-in slur replacer. This is to keep us out of trouble with our host and with search engines. However, we also recognize that many people do not give a thousandth of a shit about slurs. And so if you'll join me over on your Content Page and scroll to the bottom, you can toggle the slur replacer Off if you'd like. Your slurs will still appear as their replacement to logged-out users (and consequently, our host and search engines) and users with it on, but if you've got it off, you'll be able to see all the slurs everyone everywhere is using. For example, the f-slur is replaced with "cute twink," the n-word is replaced with "BIPOC," the k-slur for Jews is replaced with "Israeli friend," and so on and so forth. It's cheeky. It's harmless. You can turn it off.

Thread Voting - I understand CT had that bot that let people vote whether a thread was Cringe, Satire, Chad, whatever. We can hardcode this directly into the site here in a much more elegant fashion, and we will, but for now (coming in a few hours), a bot will be posting an actual poll in each thread allowing users to vote accordingly. I'd like threads to be able to be sorted and viewed by like Most Cringe, Most Satirical, etc., down the line, but one step at a time.

Site Aesthetic - Let's go back to your Settings Page - the first tab, this time. There's a LOT you can do here. Change your name. Set the color of your name. Change your flair and its color. Set the theme of the website (this is like a skin, and there are some REALLY good ones. Dramblr, Tron and Coffee are particularly slick). You can also set a song to play on your profile automatically like the good old days of MySpace, change your pfp, your banner, whatever.

Awards - Thanks for the gold, kind cringetopian! Don't you wish you could say that? No, obviously not, Reddit awards are cancer. So we've made awards far less cancerous and free. Instead of using real money to buy shitty pixels to put beside a thread or comment, you can now use your karma (will be rebranded as Cringe Rings with a spiffy sonic ring gif soon) to buy all sorts of fun shit. Visit The Shop and have a look. You'll notice awards at the top, and permanent profile upgrades at the bottom. Want to view alts? Make it so you can't be blocked? See private profiles? Et cetera? Just spend some Cringe Rings (karma) on it!

Our awards are also fantastically less shitty and infinitely more annoying than Reddit's awards. They actually do things.

Is something HECKIN WHOLESOME? Take a look at this shit.

Really good post? Bam, have some sparkles

Ever wanted to give someone an award for making one of the worst fucking posts you've ever seen? Throw a Shit award at them to make flies swarm their worthless thread.

The awards do stack, so 4 Shit Awards will attract more flies than 1. You can also, obviously, mix and match awards to create visual chaos and fun for everyone.

There are many others, but that's the gist of it. Cheeky visual effects. We're always adding more and we're always open to fun suggestions.

Oh, you can also buy ban awards to knock someone off the site for a day. Or unban awards to unban someone. Or to unban yourself. And other bits of mischief. It's fun. Or pin a thread for an hour. You'll love it once people start engaging with stuff more and everyone starts accumulating more karma (Cringe Rings).

Gambling Type !slots# or !blackjack# (replace the # with the value you'd like to bet) in any comment to play the corresponding game and possibly win Cringe Rings. Minimum bet is 100 though, so, maybe don't do that just yet. There's also !wordle which is free, if you want to give that a try for some reason.


We do NOT log your IP address at any point. We do not harvest, collect, retain, or disseminate your personal data. We don't get it in the first place, so of course we can't disseminate it.


We do not serve ads. We will never serve ads. We refuse to be beholden to the editorial whims of corporations and enforce their wants on users. Anyone saying that this site was created :quote:to get ad money:quote: is either 13 or has a sub-80 IQ. Our server costs are paid for by volunteers enthusiastic about our work, and always will be.

Anyway, this post is running quite long. There's far too many features here to try to write on them all, but these are some basic QOL stuff and fundamentals. We'll be pushing some updates later today and we've got a lot in the pipeline to make this place more versatile, fun, and easy to use. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, hit me up. Or just say "carp" in a thread if you want to draw my attention to something. I get a ping every time it's said. It's very annoying, so go ahead and abuse it all you want.

Is this site active?

Do i have to write here to post

you dont need an army

you dont need an army to take over a country, you just need 3 motherfuckers

i wasn't here for a month what did I miss

i see we kinda have holes back i think. did anything else happen while i was gone?

Welcome to the new home of Cringetopia :star: Please suggest features, report bugs, ask questions, and post your horrifying nudes here

The software weโ€™ve built here is incredibly robust and we use it elsewhere and are constantly adding cool new shit. That said, if youโ€™d like to request any new features or are confused by existing ones, hereโ€™s the best place to ask. If itโ€™s fun, weโ€™re all too happy to add it. If itโ€™s gay Iโ€™ll just tell you so and make fun of you.

you know

i find pokemon sexually attractive

They banned the "other" cringe subr*ddit (r/TumblrInAction)

Here's the link if you don't believe me:

Admittedly, they were a little lot more agendapostery, but if nothing else that's just one more reason not to use r*ddit.